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  • Basic Information
    Financing” refers to the investors needing to pay a cash deposit for trading on the platform. Borrowing a certain amount of money is necessary to buy bitcoins or other digital currency. Financing digital currency offers investors a new way to trade. If Bitcoin prices or other digital currencies prices rise in line with the investor’s expectations, and then sold at higher prices, after the return of debts, this can magnify profits. If Bitcoin or other digital currencies does not meet the investor’s expectations, and the price drops, the borrowed money must be repayed. Conversely, if the bitcoins are sold at a high value and bought again after a fall in value, the borrowed coins must be returned. Then your profits can be realized. When the price of bitcoin is down, it will become a loss. Financing coins is a way of shorting to gain profit. “Financing” refers to leveraged trading, it can boost the profits or losses of the investors. Participating in the financing of monetary transactions requires investors to research the market and have risk tolerance.

  • Rules for Financial transactions
    1. Financing: Only if your RMB account balance or Bitcoin account balance is greater than zero can you apply leverage, after a successful leverage, it will be deducted from the amount of margin in the RMB or Bitcoin balance. The cash deposits of the investors will be put into a special financing account.
    2. The amount of financing: Depending on the amount of identification provided by the investor, different levels of margin financing and leveraging will be available. Investors can only finance the amount that is currently in the account, also they can finance an amount more than once. The fianancing amount cannot the RMB amount in the account and it also cannot be more than the platform margin limit. After the platform has reached its financing limit, it will no longer provide loan financing. Only when the financed investors have returned the borrowed amounts can other investors continue to receive financing.
    3.Financing digital currency: Financed digital currency is based on the deposit amount ,the maximum bitcoin that can be borrowed from the platform is based on the amount of bitcoin deposited in the account. The platform will freeze funds when a leveraged position has been taken and temporarily deducted from the balance of RMB.
    4.Buying and Selling: Investors use credit financing accounts to buy and sell, the operational processes are the same as the financing accounts, the buying and selling data will only be reflected in the financial credit account.
    5.Repaying borrowed bitcoins: If an investor borrows a certain number of bitcoins from the platform, the investor needs to return the amount borrowed to the platform. The equivalent of the borrowed funds of the financial accounts, will be automatically added to the RMB balance.
    6.Financial settlement: Using the settlement function on the financing accounts, you can return the financed funds. The remaining RMB and bitcoin in the account will be classified as fulfilled. The remaining funds will be unfrozen in the financing account.
    7.Risk Warning: Financed currency trading is a leveraged transaction, the risk is higher than ordinary transactions, When the loss ratio is the same as the risk warning the platform will send an alert to the user.
    8.Forced liquidation: When the total assets of the account has reached the forced liquidation amount. The account will be automatically be liquidated. All the RMB and bitcoins will be owned by the platform, and all financial assets will be cleared.
    9.Services Fee:The Platform will charge a service fee of the total financed amount multiplied by the daily rate set by the platform. The daily fee will be deducted at 12:00am Automatically from the financing account balance.
    10.Transaction Fees Calculations:
    The cash deposit total = ΣEvery investment margin of RMB+Σ Every investment Bitcoin number
    Account Total Assets = The total margin +The total financing
    Account current assets: total assets = RMB assets + currency Profit and loss amount = account current assets - total assets Profit and loss ratio = profit and loss amount/account total assets