Advantages of our ATM


The BitThunder has Cash Recycler, Cash deposited into the ATM is available to be paid back out.


We will provide 24 hour 7 days a week support. We offer support by email and live chat. Email replies will be sent within 24 hours.


The machines feature two Abloy Protec2 locks, one for the 1.5mm steel enclosure, and one for the 4mm steel vault


2 year warranty on touchscreen, 1 year warranty on all other components.


We support most major currencies and can add more upon request.

Low Fees & Operator controlled

Our ATM’s are competitively priced to offer greater value to our customers.
No management fee.
Operator has set sales fee themselves.

Three steps to get btc

1.Scan your BTC address

2. Insert Bill.

3.Send BTC

The Hardware & Software Updates and Technical problems please email to us.



Dear BitcoinCash Community Members:

- Bitcoin Cash: born for big blocks, upholding the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper -

Recently, several development teams of bitcoin cash have come up with different technology roadmap respectively:

1. nChain (, the most influential company in the bitcoincash (BCH) community, issued a statement about the BitcoinSV ( https:/ / ):

1.) upgrade the block size to 128M

2.) while restoring the code for the first edition of the bitcoin white paper.

2. BitcoinABC team has proposed the BitcoinABC 0.18.0 0

1). to maintain the block size of 32M

2). and add new OP_CHECKDATASIG to support the wormhole protocol proposed by Bitmain.

3. BitcoinCashClassic 0.18.0 proposed by BitcoinCashClassic team

1). Upgrade block size to 128M,

2). Upgrade mining algorithm to CASHPow to avoid the potential 51% attack risk

3). Re-mining from the forks height of 2017.

4). Add replay attack protection code.

5).BitcoinCobra team proposes BitcoinCashCobra to keep the existing code to be intact. unchanged.


With the belief on the core value of the date of the birth of bitcoincash: born for large blocks and maintaining the spirit of the Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper. We firmly believe that the roadmap proposed by nChain best conforms to the core value of the Bitcoin Cash. We call on the other three projects of forks to increase replay attack protection codes in the spirit of community responsibility and protection of community interests, particularly those of holders and exchanges.


As the professional exchange of digital currency, our exchange will make the following plans for the forks of BitcoinCash:

1. If it forks, the transaction code BCH will give the nChain client chain.

2. Other forks assets will be allocated to users who hold BCH in a 1:1 ratio according to the snapshot of assets at the time of forking.

3. Before forking, BTC and USDT trading pairs will be launched online for each chain to meet the trading needs of users.

4.We will re-open the charging business between BCH and the other three chains according to the specific situation.


Potential Security Risks

It is different from the previous forks COINS, the code of forks lacks transaction replay protection mechanism, which will bring great chaos to the whole Bitcoin Cash network and even cause the loss of user assets.

Therefore, the exchange strongly advises that all parties of ABC and Cobra projects increase the transaction replay attack protection mechanism to protect user assets from losses.


We will firmly safeguard your assets.

We will cooperate with the related mining pools and wallet service providers to provide maximum protection for the asset security of users, even if there is no transaction replay attack protection mechanism.


Special Attention

In order to protect your assets. Please be sure to transfer your BCH to your wallet that controls the private key once after the fork and before transferring assets, and then transfer the coins to another account.


If you want to complete the relevant assets of the transaction as soon as possible, we strongly recommend that you recharge the BCH assets into our exchange account before the fork occurs. In this way, you can get the fork in time and start trading. At the same time, our professional services will provide 100% security for your assets.


Meanwhile, as there are many uncertainties in this fork, we will formulate corresponding policies according to the development of the event. For details please pay attention to the announcement on the official website.


The exchange reserves the right of final interpretation of this announcement.